Muestras internacionales 2012

Público en la muestra

Angelica Rochon : "History of the Earth in black and white" curated by Marisa Caichiolo

Rochon : an observer of nature. To understand Angelica Rochon's work we need to talk about nature and how she connects to her environment, the country side of Argentina. Rochon's new body of work is a narrative global history told through drawings, installations, objects and paintings that tell stories and make connections with the collective mind. Rochon describes the most important events and fundamental stages in the development of planet Earth from its formation to present. Her organic forms are monochromatic; she focuses on travel back on time, travel to imaginary places and seeing how they change over time. These series explore the key developments in Earth's history, from ancient to more recent events; some lines, writings and objects will be familiar, while others are equally fascinating, but less known. With each stroke she is engaging the historical conditions of these times, emphasizing the "return to nature". Her drawings and written messages on the work and installation are an explosion of inspiration from nature. Her forms are an inevitable artistic response to an increasing awareness of our environmental impact on the natural world. Her very unique ways of fluidity with a rhythmic movement, take the viewer to a long journey with unexpected connections and universal themes. This exhibition gives the viewer a sense of how she creatively organizes her life into nature, using thoughts like sadness, confusion, life and death". Marisa Caichiolo

Secretos del tiempo-tinta sobre tela-detalle

Tela cosida a mano e intervenida con tinta-detalle

Renacimiento-tinta sobre tela-detalle


Inaugura: 27 de octubre
Cierra: 5 de diciembre
ADC&Building Bridges-Bergamot Station Arts Center
Santa Monica, Los Angeles, USA
Auspicia: Ministerio de Innovación y Cultura,Gobierno de Santa Fe

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